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  • The Different Levels Of Thinking About No Limit Hold Em

    In poker, players can think on a few different levels. Generally the more advanced a player is the higher a level he is thinking on. You should be thinking on at least three levels whenever you play no limit hold em. The levels are: Level 1 – Thinking about your hand Level 2 – Think […]

  • Blackjack Handgun – The Real Way to Beat the House Edge

    Today, I’m going to talk about a method of beating the house edge popularly known as the Blackjack Handgun. The term blackjack handgun is derived from the fact that many games of blackjack include the ability to choose your own seat for playing. Most new players to playing blackjack assume there’s a� a way to […]

  • Halo dunia!

    Selamt datang di WordPress. Ini adalah pos pertama Anda. Sunting atau hapus, kemudian mulai menulis!

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