The Secret of Put Bets

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secret of making money with put bets?

When you are playing at a casino offering 10X odds, you place a bet, put it on the pass line, take it down and NEVER AGAIN. Continue this action until the come out roll enables you to take your winnings. Then, take your losses and start again. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 you lose, but if the shooter rolls a craps, you will continue to profit from the pass line bet.

The pass line bet (and pass odds) are the sweetheart of casino gambling. With the pass line bet you can gain double odds, or even a 100X increase in odds. Double odds! It’s like getting 10X odds, or more. And if the 11X come through, you will be right back where you started, plus 1 chip.

Wanna know how craps pros profit from put bets?

Let’s find out!

If you bet $50 in the pass line, and the shooter rolls a craps, you win $50 (at 7:1 odds) plus 1 chip for your pass line bet. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12 you lose $50 ($2 x 6 = $50). Therefore, you are ONLY responsible for $50. Let’s say you take 2 $25 chips and bet $25 on the pass line. You win $40, but you have $25 on the pass line and $40 on the come out roll, so you have $60 in play.

Your $25 on the pass line bet moves to the come out roll and you win $45. Now your $25 on the come out roll moves to the pass line. You win $45 once again, but your $25 on the pass line bet is stayed, this time it’s $50. You continue this until you lose, at which time you flip over the come out $25 bet (you don’t gamble with $25, but rather gamble with $10 worth of tokens) and lose $45. In this case the negative expectation is the result of the negative Plaza odds on the pass line bet, which lets us know that the $25 bet could have been bet upon (if you gamble with $25, of course) and the negative expectation would still have been computed.

Using the the same $50 in the example, we would have won $70, using the odds as described, and no need to add any more odds to the $50 bet. Of course, we also know that the shooter did roll a 7 at the come out roll, so there is a possibility that the shooter could have rolled a craps as well, in which case our $50 pass line bet loses.

Using the odds only, we could have played the pass line bet for $25 and the odds for $50. Since the shooter only rolled a 7, odds are not a problem. If the shooter rolled a craps, we would have predicted this event based on the previous numbers rolled. Also, suppose the shooter rolled a 12 and the dice did not display the 3 and 12. Because the number 12 is always craps, odds are also not a problem. But, the odds for a 3 and 12 are 7:1.

As you can see, the more dice rolls the more likely you are to have the correct odds for a bet. At this point, you can take the profits or run away as a good bettor.

What are the proper odds from the pure mathematical point of view?

Someone bets $150 on the pass line with odds of 7:1, and a shooter hits a 6 on the come out roll. The shooter then continues to roll the dice until he rolls a 7. The Law of Large Numbers says that the number 7 continues to be the most frequently rolled number. The shooter’s next roll becomes the forth roll, and the odds become even. Then, the shooter rolls another 7 and the odds go up 2 to 1. The shooter keeps rolling the dice until he rolls a 3, and the odds go down again.

At this point, you know the odds, or implied odds, of making your bet. You also know the maximum lay bet you can make. You have a good idea of the odds you face in various rolls of the dice. You can now adjust your bet to take advantage of the odds. It is time to take the profit away from the casino by implementing a plan that will guarantee you a profit.